Information Security

Values attached to cyber security, information security & data protection have been analyzed with deeper & more enhanced insights. This is practically vital in the world of Knowledge Technology & Information sharing.

Objective Of Information Secutiry

The three prime objectives of information security are confidentiality, Integrity & finally availability. All three are linked with
data protection & sensitive data handling.



Confidentiality holds paramount importance in terms of data protection & smart data sharing. Taking care of client’s privacy, i.e. all sort of sensitive information is the prime objective of the organization.



Yet another key objective of information security is the element of ‘Integrity’. A vital element attached with values of data protection as the sole objective is gaining trust & maintaining values of ‘Goodwill’.



Availability of Data whenever it is required for an efficient client database while keeping in mind the information security elements. This is achieved through ‘Efficient Data Handling & Data Protection.’

Road Map of achieving ISO 27001 Certification

Starts with gaining of the basic understanding about the key business functions. Illustration of the required documentation while defining the scope of ISMS. A key aspect in road-map is the implementation of a Document Control Procedure as well as Records Management Procedure in synchronization with higher management.

Understandings associated with risk management holds vital elements for identification & classification of the critical assets. A task that is usually performed through interviews and questionnaires with key departments within scope of ISMS.

A vital aspect in the Road-Map is documenting the policies & procedures. This is based on the statement of Applicability (SOA) & ISO 27001 Standards. The consultants shall be working in alliance with the implementation team to constitute the behavioral changes. Finally, the implementation of technical & management control measures that constitute the ISMS i.e. Information Security Management System.

The Training & Awareness sessions in the road-map is the most important ones. The consultants from the Risk assessment team shall be conducting awareness sessions with staff working with ISMS for effectiveness & for the complete ISMS life-cycle.

Audit & Certification part of Road-Map holds huge priorities. An external audit is performed after an internal one by ISO lead auditor for verification of ISMS implementation. The following are the part of check list;
1. Examining the ISMS docs for verification of scope and ISMS content
2. Key records & testimonies that the company has implemented as stated in ISMS.

ISMS / ISO 27001 Certification

Organizations seeking ISO Certification for ISO/IEC 27001 can turn to us for assistance and guidance. The focus is on implementing management controls for the protection of information assets across the organization. Our company strictly embraces a risk profiling, i.e. risk-based management system approach. This is in line with ISO/IEC 27001: 2013

Key Benefits Of ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Differentiation from your competitors by providing your organization with independent verification that your information security management system has met the requirements of this globally-recognized information security standard.

Reducing costs on additional compliance efforts. Common processes, procedures and controls implemented as part of ISO 27001 conformance can be leveraged for other compliance efforts such as PCI, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

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